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Sep 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
end up doing. going back to candidate obama four years ago it would be don't ask don't tell. says he wants to stop it and does stop it. category 2, i want to do it but not able to do it, closing guantanamo. category 3 candidate obama said i will carry out 300 drone strikes into pakistan but did it. what do you think -- give me an example of each of these moving forward. what do candidate romney and candidate obama and particularly the third category the unsaid that they have to do. you don't get away without that. you get the tougher question. how might the media do a better job of informing this debate? we seem to have a disconnect between what is said and what is reported and the american public's understanding. it hits a lot of issues whether it is policy or budget trends. recent data showed roughly almost half of americans don't realize we have the world's largest defense budget. a pretty odd phenomena in. >> thanks. in terms of what he will do i think he will reduce the size of the military. the next president. makes it harder to do either one. a president romney would reduce th
Sep 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
. do you believe that the obama administration should have clear red lines involving iran's nuclear program and if so what do you think those red lines should be? [laughter] >> you go back and look at the president's pronouncements on this issue, even in 2009 you can see where he was very clear in terms of the national purpose and the national goal. to my knowledge that hasn't changed. i think our policy is informed by pretty good intelligence and quite possible that the sanctions -- first of all i think the sanctions are having an effect and they cause the regime to come back even though the talks have not amounted to much. notice a country like turkey which originally in 2010 really was championing the iranian position, now seen the scene of light. it is important to articulate your red lines. no question in my mind what our policy is and no question in my mind that a nuclear weapons capable iran is a clear danger. they said so. it is the country that would trigger a nuclear arms race in the middle east and a country that it would export that technology for the first time on stage
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2